Welcome to the Medical Center
of DDr. Peter Voitl and Partners

Pediatric Specialists in the Donau City

A-1220 Wien, Donaucitystraße 1
Tel. +43-1-2637979

The centrally located pediatric practice in the 22nd district of Vienna focuses on providing a child-friendly, fear-free atmosphere. We offer children and young people of all ages clinical examinations with modern medical technology, such as ultrasound, echocardio- graphy, EEG, EKG and laboratory.

One of our goals is to provide accessibility and availability.

Our group practice offers year-round service, also on weekends, without closures due to holidays; in addition appointments are available for urgent cases at short notice. Our practice also has a handicapped accessible entrance, as well as free parking.

  • Our consultation hours are

  • Pediatric emergency service

  • Appointments can be made by telephone at the following time

  • All social health insurance

  • Private patients or patients with additional insurance

Pediatrician DDr. Peter Voitl and Team

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